Cello Poster

12 x 18 inch Posters

All of our sheet music covers are also available as 12 x 18 inch posters (title text appears BELOW the image NOT across the image as shown).  A perfect complement to your practice room or as a gift, these posters feature extreme color and heavy weight paper - ready to frame.  Tell the world you're hipper than Haydn!

All posters are $9.95

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MusicJOT is a powerful music notation app that's also easy to use. Write quickly and naturally on a staff and watch it rendered into beautifully notated music. Interact directly, quickly dragging notes around to change their pitch or duration and choose advanced features from pop-up palettes. Listen to your composition with our full-featured audio playback engine, featuring unlimited tracks and 128 built-in General MIDI instruments. Export your scores in MusicXML or MIDI.

  • Enter music with your own natural handwriting and a stylus. Optimized for Apple Pencil®. Also directly supports Adonit® stylus.
  • Alternative palette-driven system for notes and music symbols.
  • Layers let you control and de-clutter what is displayed.
  • "Virtual Pointer" allows spot-checking notes, local playback of notes or chords and entering/selecting events.
  • The "Visual Road Map" shows your composition's repeat structure.
  • Lyric support with automatic syllable flowing.
  • Number of staffs and measures limited only by your device.
  • Group instruments together, such as a woodwind section in an orchestral score.
  • MusicJOT doesn't force you to maintain legal notation. Correct measures at any time with the Illegal Measure Buttons.
  • Advanced settings allow fine tuning of dozens of parameters to tailor your notation style.
  • Complete contextual help system, including a device-resident manual and tutorials.
  • Individual staffs can be transposed for transposing instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones.
  • Batch note manipulations, such as transpositions and copy/paste with merge, append and replace.
  • Directly change note pitches (diatonic, chromatic) or durations by dragging when not in handwriting mode.
  • Playback support for tempo markings and dynamics.
  • Music spacing adjustable.
  • Context sensitive menu system after selections for many often used operations such as octave transpositions, note/rest toggle, common triplets, and simple repeats, etc.
  • Score manager allows creation of new scores from templates or custom setup.
Bad Talk is a random phrase generator. Shake to produce a new sentence. Each sentence created is comprised of four random words - Verb, article/pronoun, adjective and noun. Optionally, Bad Talk will use the first name field in your addressbook at random in place of the article/pronoun.

  • 272 verbs, 12 pronouns, 125 adjectives, and 80 nouns.
  • Future updates will include user selectable sentence structure.
  • Longer phrases.
  • Algorithms for filtering and weighting of results.
  • Editing lists.
  • Multiple Categories.
Small Talk randomly presents conversation fillers for those awkard social moments. Choose between conversation fillers or conversation enders.

  • Conversation starters.
  • Pickup lines.
  • Jokes.
  • Factoids.
  • Would you rather...
  • Conversation escapes.

  • Have your iPhone ring you after a set amount of time (make believe call).
  • User settings allow you to filter which types of phrases you want the random phrase generator to display.
MonaMusic™ lets you carry a library of sheet music right in your pocket! Listen to a song while following along with the music. Audio can be sync’d to the sheet music and vice a versa. Four different audio modes are available allowing you to scroll through the sheet music and/or audio freely; overlay page turning indicators; sync each page to the audio; and fully tether the audio and sheet music together. An abundance of background information for each song is provided including video; links to related web site; direct sheet music purchasing; note taking; and bookmarking. This is a first of its kind application which marries the Mona Lisa Sound sheet music publisher’s novel licensing rights, gorgeous print quality, breakthrough classic rock emphasis, The Hampton Rock String Quartet™ live audio, and close cooperation with The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Cream and other licensors.

  • The Hampton Rock String Quartet™ audio.
  • Mona Lisa Sound, Inc. sheet music.
  • View full score and each part (Score, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello.
  • See the gorgeous cover art that adorns each publication.
  • Flip through pages backward and forward by swiping.
  • Skip to any page by directly entering the page number.
  • Bookmark any page in any part.
  • Four audio modes while viewing the sheet music.
    • Manual – audio and sheet music are unlinked.
    • Teach – overlay arrows indicate whether you are ahead or behind of audio.
    • Page – play from top of viewed page.
    • Auto – Music pages turn automatically synced to audio.
  • Two songs (audio and sheet music) included with initial purchase.
  • Library allows you to switch songs and will allow downloading additional songs (coming in version 1.1 which will be a free upgrade).
  • See the complete Mona Lisa Sound catalog.
  • Jot down and save notes.
  • See related info about song such as.
    • Playing difficulty.
    • Outstanding solos.
    • Key.
    • Playing tips.
    • Writer credits and background story.
  • Buy the actual sheet music right from your iPhone shipped to your door.
  • Visit the Mona Lisa Sound web site.
  • Set your options.
    • Audio volume.
    • Skip ahead/back time.
    • Page flipping animation speed.
    • Page turning timing [v.s. through normal].
    • Set the sheet music background grayscale.
  • An extremely detailed Help screen.
  • Email song info to a friend (no typing required).
  • See HSQ videos streamed.
  • Phone the MLS toll-free number for tech support/ordering with a single tap.
uWrite™ allows you to write letters or take notes in your own handwriting then email your letters just as you would if using a keyboard with mail. Turn uWrite to landscape and it switches from a letter writing app to a doodling app, for those moments when the meeting is boring.

  • Buy the POGO ™ Sketch from uWrite and save 15%!
  • Line smoothing helps you write neater.
  • A novel 'hand-rest' feature allows you to rest your hand on the iPad without making unwanted marks - and the hand-rest moves down as you write.
  • Email your letters. Emails are reduced in size and cropped to just what you write so emails go faster.
  • Multiple pages.
  • Turn your iPad to landscape and uWrite becomes a doodle pad.
  • Lock any page to prevent unwanted marks.
  • Select from differnt pens and colors from a popup 'pen box'.
  • Select from 40 different templates including note paper, graph paper, hex, perspective, music paper, accounting templates and more.
  • Undo as many times as you like.
  • Delete any page.
  • A big fat eraser helps you remove those big blunders.
  • Help through the info screen.
uCombat™ is a turn-based, strategy game that pits you against the computer. Command an army to defend your capital while seeking out and destroying the enemy. The world starts off hidden and is revealed as you traverse the varied terrain ranging from grasslands to mountains. Discover new cities and towns to occupy and produce new forces. Each piece has unique attributes such as movement range, fire power, fire range, health, sight range, production time, and more. This is a thinking game which has you trying to balance a good defense with a strong offense - but be warned - the computer is thinking too and every game generates a brand new and varied world!
  • Multiple Terrains - water, grass, swamp, hills and mountains

  • With Multiple Units - infantry, tanks, RPGs, artillery, antiAircraft guns, helicopters, fighters and bombers

  • Map overview
  • Auto center on action
  • Auto cycle through units
  • Multiple difficulty levels
Designed to solve 1st species counterpoint, this small program designed and programmed by John Reed will produce viable solutions to many cantus firmi adhering to the rules of 16th century counterpoint. These rules can be turned on and off and the cantus re-solved thus producing more or less strict solutions. You may download the program for free but it is a time-restricted version (will quit after about 5 minutes). Purchasing removes all restrictions. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MAC 10.2 or later.

  • Select which rules you want observed.
  • Feel free to experiment with different settings.
  • Enter or load a cantus firmus.
  • You may repeatedly press 'Solve'. Each time, the program will generate a new solution.
Species Counterpoint Species Counterpoint

Dowload Species Counterpoint
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This brand new publication by John Reed (HSQ's principal arranger) is 132 full color pages of nothing but cover art.  This is the industry lauded artwork used to adorn each and every MLS arrangement published here - all in one beautiful book.  Each plate has interesting facts about the underlying song, arrangement and thoughts about the artwork.

132 pgs., Color, $49.95  Buy

Covers Covers Covers Covers Covers Covers Covers Covers Covers
Arranging Rock

Arranging Rock for String Quartet

This new publication by John Reed (HSQ's principal arranger) is a wealth of information, tips, and advice on how to arrange rock for string quartet.  Exercises are included with every topic and every lesson has samples illustrating the concepts.  This is a must-have book for any aspiring string composer/arranger.

104 pgs., Black and White, $24.95  Buy

Arranging Rock Arranging Rock Arranging Rock Arranging Rock Arranging Rock Arranging Rock Arranging Rock
Gift certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Gift Certificates are redeemable at any time for any of our hundreds of arrangements and other products.  Let them choose what THEY want!

$25 - $50

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Quartet of the month club

Quartet Of The Month Club

Receive one of our great arrangements every month.  A great motivator and an even better gift!  No hassle - order once and keep on receiving!   4, 6, or 12 month plans.

From $119.80

  • Quarter Note - one new string quartet every month for 4 months (4 total)
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  • Quarter Note (w/added db) - one new string quartet every month for 4 months (4 total)
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  • Half Note - one new string quartet every month for 8 months (8 total)
    $179.70  Buy
  • Half Note (w/aded db) - one new string quartet every month for 8 months (8 total)
    $209.70  Buy

  • Whole Note - one new string quartet every month for 12 months (12 total)
    $359.40  Buy
  • Whole Note (w/aded db) - one new string quartet every month for 12 months (12 total)
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Boxed Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards with a humorous, musical motif on the outside and blank inside.  Each box is a set of 10 of the same design.  The PERFECT card for the musician in your life.  Choose from four different designs.

10 cards + 10 envelopes boxed.

Greeting Card
Boxed set  $12.95  Buy
Greeting Card
Boxed set  $12.95  Buy
Greeting Card
Boxed set  $12.95  Buy
Greeting Card
Boxed set  $12.95  Buy
Leather Jacket

HSQ Leather and Wool Jacket

Black, baseball style, wool with quilted lining containing Thinsulate®, black leather sleeves, elastic wrists and waist, button snaps, outside and inside pockets.  VERY warm.  Excellent in temperatures between 20 and 60 degrees F.  Embroidered back.  Sizes are: XS, S, M, L and XL.  Sizes run large so if you are in doubt, get a smaller size.  Embroidery on back only.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

$249.95  Buy

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